Amanda K. Renzi

Rev. Amanda K. Renzi has over 35 years of experience as a psychic consultant, with over 20 years as a Tarot card reader. Her interest in paranormal activity and mysterious creatures has provided her with some interesting adventures over the years.

Amanda has participated in Metaphysical Fairs and has read for clients both nationally and internationally. She has facilitated workshops on psychic development, using crystals and crystal skulls for healing, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication and feng shui (compass method) principles for home and office design.

Utilizing her background in space planning and project management, Amanda blends award-winning practical space design with spiritual principles in creating positive indoor environments. Amanda developed her Serengeti Stones reading system to incorporate her love of crystal energies as healing tools, along with African divination skills. She is a caretaker for over forty crystal skulls, including Chola, an Ancient which she uses in her healing work.

In 2013, Amanda received her Usui Reiki I and Reiki II certification, and became a certified Reiki Master a year later. She is an ordained minister in the Melchizedek Order and is a Tarot Professional through the Tarosophy Tarot Association.

Call Amanda at (304) 729-4344 to schedule a reading or energy consultation, or book online by clicking the button.