Psychic That Plan: #digital planner, #FRANKENPLANNING with me

Aeson Knight is a multi-talented individual who excels as a Master Psychic, teacher, and podcaster. As a gay poly individual, Aeson embraces his diverse identity and brings a wealth of experience to his psychic work. He is a respected member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association and has earned a place on the esteemed Best Psychic […]

Your Astrological Forecast for May 19-25

Hello Dear Ones, This week is set to be an extraordinary time for romance, with Venus in Taurus forming a harmonious sextile with Neptune in Pisces. This astrological alignment enhances the potential for dreamy, heartfelt experiences, perfect for those grand romantic gestures straight out of a rom-com. Venus in Taurus is all about indulging in […]

The Mountain Bears Podcast:

Information about The Mountain Bears Podcast: LIVE from the Mountains of West Virginia, The Mountain Bears Podcast offers a lively discussion on various topics from a gay-ish, techy-ish, bearish perspective. The show brings together Aeson and Joe, two intriguing individuals with unique backgrounds. Aeson, known for his existing shows like The Psychic Coffee Shop, is […]

Acceptance with Boundaries

Nurturing a Stronger Relationship Foundation In the intricate dance of love and partnership, acceptance stands as a beacon of strength, illuminating the path towards deeper connection and mutual understanding. Much like the sacred vows exchanged in a wedding ceremony, the practice of acceptance forms the bedrock of a resilient relationship foundation. However, it’s crucial to […]

Coffee and Tea with Aeson and Gwen

Join Aeson Knight, a master psychic with over 22 years of experience, and Lady Gwendolyn, a tarot expert deeply connected to her ancestral roots, as we sit down to enjoy a cup of tea infused with a touch of spice and delve into the fascinating world of psychic business. Aeson Knight is not only a […]

The Psychic Coffee Shop

Join us for captivating discussions on current events from a psychic perspective. Our show is filled with special guests who bring their unique gifts, participate in thought-provoking conversations, and enjoy a cup of coffee with us. We invite influential writers and prominent members of the psychic community to contribute to our lively discussions, covering a […]

Metaphysics Today-  Acceptance with Boundaries

“Metaphysics Today: Soulful Conversations for Nourishing Your Spirit” is hosted by Aeson Knight and Fire Fly. Join them on a profound journey of discovery into the essence of metaphysics in today’s world. About Your Hosts: Aeson Knight has dedicated over two decades to exploring, learning, and guiding others on their metaphysical paths. Now, he brings […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast May 13-19

Hello Dear Ones, Creating stability amidst flux involves nurturing supportive routines, connections, and practices that ground us in the present moment. This might entail leaning on the pillars of self-care, such as mindfulness, exercise, and healthy relationships, to cultivate a sense of balance and well-being. Additionally, fostering a mindset of adaptability and growth can empower […]

Your Astrological Forecast May 12-18

Hello Dear Ones, Not overthinking is like finding that sweet spot between being thoughtful and decisive. It’s about not getting stuck in endless loops of what-ifs or past regrets, but rather embracing the moment with a positive outlook. By staying present and focused, we can tackle challenges with a clear head and a can-do attitude, […]

The Psychic that Plans

Join this psychic and his manager as we sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with a little bit of spice and talk about the psychic business.  Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years, a certified clairvoyant, and a certified life coach who advises a diverse clientele from average housewives […]