Mountain Bears

Friday 8 p.m. About The Mountain Bears Podcast:

Welcome to The Mountain Bears Podcast, broadcasting live from the majestic Mountains of West Virginia. Join us for engaging conversations that encompass a gay-ish, techy-ish, and bearish perspective on various current topics. What happens when a computer guy and a psychic come together? The Mountain Bears!

Aeson, renowned for his existing show The Psychic Coffee Shop, brings over 22 years of experience as a certified master psychic. He assists a diverse range of individuals worldwide, from housewives to CEOs, with his unique insights. Aeson is a proud gay poly bear who wears his jaded glasses as a symbol of honor.

Joe, an adept professional in Information Systems & Operations Management, has spent the past few decades listening to people and solving their tech-related issues. He is a gay bear who dedicated his college years to supporting an LGBT student organization.

Surprisingly, Aeson and Joe share many commonalities. They both devote their time to helping individuals who face challenges, taking the effort to understand their lives, thoughts, and circumstances in order to offer advice and suggestions.

While they may not always see eye to eye, Aeson and Joe are committed to fostering unity, actively listening to others, and delving beneath surface-level problems to uncover the core issues at hand. Their goal is to create a space where genuine understanding and meaningful dialogue can flourish.