Joseph “Techy Joe” Arrington

When talking about career highlights, it’s not often that I’m as impressed or as satisfied with the big ones as I am with the little ones, ripples in the pond that lead to bigger and better things. Implementing Microsoft CRM, converting from a PBX to a ShoreTel VoIP phone system, and setting up new clients formats while engaging them as champions of our agency are big items of which I’m very proud. But it’s not just about the big things that you do. It’s often the little things that can transform the business in great ways as well.

Giving quality service on my worst day, initiating a positive relationship with a department’s detractors, making tiny changes to a process that significantly reduces it’s time or impact on staff, utilizing knowledge of the people I work with to help with training and push a mostly successful project to the next level, or identifying unseen business needs through honest and casual conversation. The small acts that see big small rewards that string together to create a powerful and amazing relationship with people who then go on to give you the support and assistance you need, to be project champions, are to me the most important acts that can be taken to drive the bigger achievements, and are the highlights of my career.

Specialties: web design, IT technical support, IT troubleshooting, report generation, report development, report design, project management, graphical design, graphical layout, technical writing, policy analysis, process engineering, programming, project planning, research, sql, strategic planning, communication skills, visual basic, VoIP, web site production, photoshop, basic, crm, crystal reports, css, customer relations, database admin, dreamweaver, forms, html, java, javascript, leadership, c #