Lady Gwendolyn Ravenstone

About Lady Gwendolyn:

Lady Gwendolyn is an Animist Norse Paranormal Witch who follows an Eclectic path, drawing inspiration from her ancestral roots in England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and the Appalachian Region. Her spiritual journey began in the mountains of West Virginia, where she immersed herself in the natural world, exploring forests, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Guided by the spirits, wind, and trees, Lady Gwendolyn embraced her ancestral heritage and received training from esteemed mentors who helped unlock her full potential. Now, it is her sacred duty and privilege to assist others on their own transformative journeys.

In 2019, Lady Gwendolyn attended a Metaphysical fair where she experienced her first Access Bars session. This encounter sparked a deep curiosity and desire for more. Amidst the opportunities presented during the pandemic, she refocused her energy on tarot readings and delved into Access Consciousness and Access Bars. These practices resonated with her instantly, providing practical tools for making choices that shape one’s future and addressing buried aspects of the mind.

In 2021, Lady Gwendolyn embarked on a personal journey of self-healing and growth, launching #traumaandtarot. Through this initiative, she utilizes tarot cards to help individuals reflect on themselves, focus on areas that require healing from past traumas, and foster personal development for a brighter future.

Today, Lady Gwendolyn’s primary focus is assisting individuals in breaking generational curses and finding the inner strength to move forward toward the fulfilling lives they deserve. Drawing from her own experiences and triumphs over adversity, she offers compassionate guidance, profound wisdom, and practical tools to support and empower individuals as they manifest the life they aspire to.