Your Week Ahead Forecast March 27-April 2

Energy of the Week: The Sun Contentment and happiness on attaining success. Good Health. Material happiness. Mental, physical and spiritual vitality. New inventors or inventions. Academic and particularly scientific success. Reward. Acclaim. Approval. Children. Abundance of energy. Achievement. Joy and happiness. Focus of the Week: Knight of Wands A lover of action, this is the […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast February 27-March 5

Energy of the Week: The Hermit Caution. Discretion. Need for prudence. Counsel sought and taken. Inner calm. A need to reach into one’s inner resources. Assimilation. Planning. A wise guide or spiritual mentor. A time to stand back and reflect upon circumstances. Focus of the Week: Page of Pentacles A meticulous, hardworking man, proud of […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast February 20-26

Energy of the Week: Page of Wands A trustworthy, reliable young person, with an inborn desire to bring happiness, excitement and light to those around. This person is a messenger of good news and witty gossip. A person who is faithful in service to superiors. Focus of the Week: Two of Wands Success that has […]