Coffee and Tea with Sandie and Aeson

Join us as we sit down, savoring a cup of tea with a touch of spice, and engage in a captivating conversation about the psychic business with two esteemed psychics.

Aeson Knight, a master psychic with over 22 years of experience, is not only a certified clairvoyant and life coach but also provides invaluable guidance to a diverse clientele worldwide, including average housewives and government officials. To learn more about Aeson Knight, visit

Sandie Star, originally from Australia and residing in the US since 2002, is renowned for her contributions in television, radio, and print. With her psychic abilities, as well as expertise in tarot, dream exploration, mediumship, and dream interpretation, she approaches every reading with zest and direct honesty. Discover more about Sandie Star at

For a personal reading by Aeson Knight, book an appointment at Additionally, explore the opportunity to learn Wicca and enhance your psychic skills through innercircleconnections on Patreon.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that colorful language may be used during our conversation, but there’s no need for alarm. You can find Aeson Knight on various platforms by visiting Stay connected and listen to the PCSP Network Podcast on iTunes (, Google Play (, or Spotify (

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