Coffee And Tea with Aeson and Natalie

Join us as we sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with a hint of spice, engaging in a captivating discussion about the psychic business with two renowned psychics.

Aeson Knight, a master psychic with over 22 years of experience, is not only a certified clairvoyant and life coach but also provides guidance to a diverse clientele worldwide, ranging from average housewives to government officials.

Natalie McVicker, a 38-year-old psychic medium originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, now residing in West Virginia, possesses a natural connection to the spirit world. Her extraordinary abilities have led to intriguing experiences throughout her life.

To follow Natalie, visit her Facebook page at and for a personal reading, explore

Aeson Knight, as mentioned earlier, is a highly skilled psychic, certified clairvoyant, and life coach with an extensive track record of more than 22 years. Discover more about Aeson Knight and book your own personal reading at You can also find Aeson Knight on various platforms by visiting

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