Weekly Overview Oct 3- 9

Welcome to October, as we move into the fall we see many changes around us from the left on the trees to the temperance, this reminds us that change is unavoidable. life always moves in cycles and patterns. this is reflected in what we see around us. so, as we move into fall that will give way to the winter this is a great time to reflect on what you want to release and what you would like to bring, into your life.

 Here are the astrological events this week.

Oct 01 — Venus in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries

There’s a possibility of important relationships ending very suddenly as this aspect cuts us off from toxic people—whether we realize they’re toxic or not.

Oct 02 — Mercury goes direct in Virgo

Moving forward for the second time in Virgo, our long-awaited projects are finally given the green light and you can finally move forward. However, it’s important to choose your projects (and friends) carefully.

Oct 05 — Vesta goes direct in Aquarius

Finally, we’re able to move forward and start helping others in need, rather than just focusing on our inner growth. It’s a good time to do some volunteer work.

Oct 06 — Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

A day of innovation during this powerful aspect, allowing us to come up with the perfect solution to some of our most complex problems.

Oct 08 — Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

It’s time to confront the darkness and bring the truth to light, as true transformation can only come from comforting our past and letting it go.

Oct 09 — Full moon in Aries

This empowering full moon brings forth new beginnings by increasing the desire for independence, new experiences, and pushing past limitations.

Oct 10 — Mercury enters Libra

Back again in Libra for a final time this year, communications take on a friendlier, diplomatic tone as we look at issues from all sides. While it’s still not the best time to make decisions, we are focused on coming up with solutions that work for everyone.

Aeson schedule this week 
Aeson will be accepting appointments and on-demand services doing these times this week. 
12:00am-1:00am, 10:30am-6:00pm, 10:30pm-11:59pm
10:30am-6:00pm, 10:00pm-11:59pm
12:00am-1:00am, 10:30am-6:00pm
10:30am-6:00pm, 10:30pm-11:59pm
12:00am-1:00am, 10:30am-6:00pm, 10:30pm-11:59pm
12:00am-1:00am, 10:30am-6:00pm, 10:30pm-11:59pm

Look forward to speaking with you.

Aeson Knight

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